Tucked away in the verdant setting of an orange orchard in the North of the island is the Hotel Atzaró. This discreet but luxurious establishment blends harmoniously into its environment. Within the context of its oriental SPA programme, it offers special treatments using carefully chosen techniques and a mix of both Asian and Western products. This 600m² health and beauty paradise invites you to let your spirit float free.

The facility includes an authentic Balinese temple that was built by real Indonesian craftsmen. On entering the temple, your senses are stimulated by the fragrance of wood, inviting you to take a journey to the Far East with deep relaxation as your ultimate destination. It is a unique combination of Asian mysticism and Ibicencan heart.

The facilities here include a Hammam steam bath designed in Moroccan style and a 43-metre pool constructed of unpolished green marble which gives an illusion of flowing water. In the generously appointed shady relaxation zone, there are pili-pili beds and Balinese style huts where you can really chill out and dream. The health and fitness package also includes exercise rooms for yoga, meditation, stretching and Pilates. Courses are available with qualified instructors and trained personnel.

The gym area has ceilings of finely crafted tropical timber that reflect the oriental design philosophy combined with Arabian/Ibicencan architectural influences.

Of all the treatments on offer, we were most fascinated by the Zen Shiatsu massage which is based on the effective and authentic principles of Chinese Medicine (Anma) and acupuncture. In the course of a Shiatsu massage, the therapist seeks to stimulate the body’s own energies (Qi) and their flow within the body (Yin and Yang), so that this energy flow reaches all the organs, i.e. treating the body holistically. This form of massage is carried out on a soft mattress on the floor with the masseur focusing intensely on the patient’s individual needs and treating existing complaints such as back and neck pain or sluggish circulation in the legs.

An Ayurveda massage (Abhyanga) involves the use of warm sesame, coconut, mustard, olive and almond oils plus other ingredients specially selected to suit the physical constitution of the individual patient. These serve to enhance the three fundamental functional principles (Doshas) of life that control all the processes in our body: Vata (air and ether), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (earth). The application of warm oils causes the pores in our skin to open so that the body can expel toxins. As this takes place, symptoms of tension, exhaustion and other chronic complaints are noticeably dissipated. The Atzaró massage is a combination of various different Asian massage techniques (Thai, Reiki, Shiatsu and foot reflexology) with elements of classic (i.e. Swedish) massage.

Atzaro SPA

For the facial treatments here, they have chosen products from the British cosmetics company Elemis in recognition of their successful use of ingredients derived from natural substances. This broad range offers products for all skin types and problems as well as some specifically for men.

Other massage variations such as the Asian Facial have been developed to boost external good looks by bringing out beauty from within. This follows the pattern of traditional Balinese massage which works via hand, arm, leg and foot acupressure. The result is radiant beauty and profound relaxation. We can particularly recommend the Atzaró Hair and Head Massage. In the course of this oriental treatment, your scalp and hair are supplied with moisture and nourishing ingredients. After your hair has been washed, your head, neck, shoulders and back will be given an acupressure massage. The subsequent hand massage is applied as you relax in a special chair. The full treatment is particularly recommended during the summer months for people with dry hair and sensitive skin. Additionally, it is effective in the treatment of chronic exhaustion.

For anyone needing to de-stress, the Escape & Revive treatment is sure to have an appeal. Along with a full-body massage, guests can relax and enjoy a facial and hair plus scalp treatment, foot and hand massage, as well as manicure and pedicure. The crowning glory is the home-brewed Atzaró Detox Drink that helps the body release its toxins.

The Atzaró’s excellent reputation is a guarantee of the quality of all products used in the course of its cosmetic applications, and guests are welcome to purchase them for use at home. “We make exclusive use of natural products from Asian and Western countries that contain top-quality herbal ingredients. It is only by being selective that you can manufacture products that comply with the highest standards and have maximum effectiveness,” explains Atzaró manageress Aina.

Her line of cosmetic products imported exclusively from Bali is based on natural ingredients. Worth a special mention here are the aromatic oil body care series consisting of body lotion, shower gel, bath salts, hand cream and lip balm. Shampoos and conditioners in this range contain valuable Ylang Ylang essential oils. The highlight of the series is an anti-ageing serum with an exceptionally pleasing texture. The line of cosmetics from the British company Elemis used at the Atzaró also includes anti-ageing products for body and face.

After every sports or treatment session, guests should visit the SPA juice bar and imbibe a drink with ingredients that are native to Ibiza. We recommend freshly squeezed orange juice. Oranges are also the hallmark of this SPA hotel with its highly original approach to health and fitness where the emphasis is firmly on stimulating all the senses with positive energy.