Restaurante Cala Bonita—an idyllic place where you can enjoy the island’s authentic flavours—is located In Cala de s’Estanyol, one of the most beloved, special spots on Ibiza.

Restaurante Cala Bonita offers honest, straightforward, Mediterranean cuisine that is based on local produce of the very highest quality. It all comes down to taste here and the culinary experience seeks, above all else, to satisfy the diner’s palate rather than surprise them with over-elaborate creations. It is fresh, light cuisine where the accent is on fresh fish and seafood prepared on the grill or on the impressive olive wood barbecue. For meat lovers, it also offers delicacies such as Angus beef, one of the preferred classics amongst its customers.

At Restaurante Cala Bonita, everything is done with love and good taste. Its mainly international clientele is utterly loyal to it owing to the warm, personalised treatment they receive in the house, the restaurant’s simple, rustic beauty, its location and the exceptional gastronomy that leaves a lasting impression.

We tried a delicious tuna tartar with grated lime, some tasty grilled langoustine from Formentera, and two spectacular rice dishes that they prepare: without a doubt, the stars on the menu that you can also order individually.

The owner explained the keys to its success to us, “We wanted to be different. We like to do things well and take good care of the customer by offering them the best produce and that is why we spare no costs”. They also tell us about the efforts they are making to maintain the zone in good conditions: fixing the path, cleaning the beach and taking the maximum care of any legal or environmental issues. “What we want is to keep this as it has always been. My wife and I love this island very much”.

This season, they have got the chef and owner of Can Domo, Pau Barba, who is the person behind this superb cuisine that enhances the flavours and subtleties of truly exceptional raw materials that almost entirely come from the island. After all, “If you have the right produce, you do not need to add many things, you cannot disguise it”.

The other outstanding feature is the fact that they are opening at night—not every day— but rather three or four days per week to offer the most romantic dinners on the island; seated perhaps beside some famous person since this restaurant has become a favourite among the island’s renowned celebrities. Something that is natural because enjoying this beautiful, magical, peaceful place’s delicious dishes is authentic luxury. Haute cuisine in paradise.