Back in 1995, Patrick and Pashat, a French couple steeped in the liberal and cosmopolitan spirit of Ibiza, opened an unusual boutique on the aptly named Calle de la Virgen. ‘Sa Majesté’ takes the concept of ‘Love knows no boundaries’ to new heights. This is no ordinary shop but an establishment that specialises in the culture of fetishism. Clothes, accessories, ornaments, toys and all manner of items that revolve around sexual gratification are on sale within the walls of this specialist outlet with its provocative window display and well-stocked interior. “Our range of products is elegant and not at all vulgar. Sex is primarily in the mind, particularly as far as women are concerned,” explains Pashat. “There is also lust of the flesh in the absence of romance but this is rather mechanical. Here we don’t judge anyone or seek to take a moral stance. We try to offer alternatives to the standard unimaginative approach and at the same time we try to keep our prices within everyone’s budget. You’ll find something here for as little as 5 euros. You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy these very practical and satisfying sex aids,” she tells us.

‘Sa Majesté’ has become one of the most attractive shops in the Old Town. Its owners guarantee discretion and privacy, so customers can enter the two showrooms with the absolute confidence that there will be no shocks or nasty surprises. And besides, they have a ‘secret weapon’ when it comes to publicity – Carlos Martorell has steered many celebrity customers their way. “Sex is something that takes place between two consenting adults. There should be no restrictions but there should always be mutual understanding and respect. This is the basis of any functional partnership,” Patrick tells us. He points to the shelves bulging with a broad selection of articles: “We have a little bit of everything here to help our customers achieve arousal and ecstasy.”

And Sa Majesté is certainly brimming over with erotic fantasy. Patrick and Pashat have designed underwear in 20th-century pin-up and can-can styles and they also stock accessories (e.g. collars and whips) for a spot of sadomasochism. One novelty for the new season is a policewoman’s uniform, complete with leather belt, face masks, wigs, truncheon and handcuffs. There is also a huge selection of vibrators. These have been manufactured from a variety of materials and are often of a remarkable design. For example, one made of Brazilian crystal with a price tag of 500 euros. Potentially a collector’s item. Leather plays an important role here and all items have been sensitively selected for inclusion in the product range. Oils and erotic makeup are also on sale. “All five senses are involved when it comes to sex,” says the resident muse emphatically. The product range satisfies 1001 fantasies and provides stimulation for the anal, vaginal and other erogenous zones. From head to toe.

The proprietor couple have dedicated themselves to promoting the ‘art of satisfying seduction’, including both the physical and the mental aspects of desire. They compose songs together with a fetishist content yet injected with a shot of glamour and refinement. “We’d like to release our first CD in the near future,” they both say simultaneously. Because the premises are somewhat cramped, there is not enough room to hang photos, one of their other passions, as the creative Pashat confides: “Perhaps we’ll put our collection on display one day. For the moment, that will have to wait.” The idea takes on a certain appeal…

Visitors to the shop immediately notice that there is also a section for gays. And you would not expect anything else, particularly as the shop is located in the Marina quarter of Ibiza Town, right next to Sa Penya, stamping ground of the Island’s homosexual set, both gay and lesbian. “We work in partnership with some of the best-known suppliers in Europe. When we shut up shop during the winter months we visit Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and other major cities on the European mainland, looking for new ideas and innovative, amusing high-quality products.” To be successful in romance and even seduction, you need to spark the flame of desire.