It has only just opened its doors to the public but the Open Spa has already become something of a local institution. It is part of the recently completed Ibiza Gran Hotel and is a facility dedicated to spiritual splendour and the sheer beauty of genuine wellbeing. This oasis of tranquillity at the pulsating centre of Island life resembles something from a parallel universe: outside the throbbing dynamic island and inside a profound sense of calm.

Superbly equipped, the Open Spa invites you to relax, unwind and enjoy sheer sensual pleasure: bright colours merge into shades of brown, reinforcing the minimalist aspect of the decorative scheme, in keeping with the spirit of Zen. “This is an ‘active’ decor,” says manager Lloyd Johnson, “in which the typical white of the Island predominates: we also work with salts from the nature conservation zone and with aromas and active ingredients of endemic plant varieties such as lavender, rosemary, orange and mint.” Everything here is aimed at calming the restless spirit.

Johnson comes from Australia where the culture of preventive medicine is much more firmly established and where naturopathy centres and spas are regarded as true temples of physical and mental health. Here in Spain, however, the spa boom is only in its infancy and therefore the intelligent mix of different and separate, yet at the same time, complementary zones comes as something of a revelation: Open Fitness for cardiovascular exercises; Open Aqua, a haven of calm thanks to its symphony of water features; Open Beauty, including a hairdressing salon run by Marlies Möller; Open Experience for facials and whole-body treatments; Open Spirit for meditational activities and Pilates sessions. This is a 1,300m² facility dedicated to health and beauty subdivided into two extensive zones, one for bathing and one for treatment. “Over and above our expertly devised programme, we also offer a 5-star service, because we don’t wish to be pigeon-holed as just a spa resort. We are part of a 5-star hotel that offers a full spectrum of services. Here in the Open Spa, we aim to provide a health package for everyone; that’s why we also have direct access from the street,” stresses Johnson.

Gran Hotel Ibiza SPA

The effectiveness of the various hydrotherapies available is enhanced by a range of temperatures and water pressures. The term ‘spa’ comes from the Latin ‘sanitas per aqua’ meaning ‘health through water’ and is generally applied to a place where the focus is on relaxation, detoxification, rehydration of the skin and on body fat loss, but also just as much on pure unadulterated pampering of the physical senses.

The particularly well-appointed bathing area here comprises a hydrotherapy pool in which it is also possible to have underwater massage (jets, cascades, waterspouts etc) a sports pool with two chutes and counterflow jet, a Kneipp pool, a cold water pool, hammam and sauna, a salt inhalation bath, an ice fountain, novelty showers (mist, tropical, ice and bithermal) and the popular chill-out zone with heated waterbeds.

Of the huge range of treatments on offer, the highlight must be the Australian massage. But the other massages are an experience too: the Swedish massage for recuperation and inner harmony, the Quiromassage to relieve tension, the reflex zone massage to reinforce the general health, Indian head massage for rejuvenation… You can also be massaged with warm stones or with revitalising white quartz. Reiki is available as well as applications for balancing the chakras. Plenty of pleasure to be had amongst this selection. And a spa visit is always closed with inner lubrication by means of water, juice or tea in order to boost the positive effects of this relaxing and enjoyable experience.