This season’s gastronomic surprise has hundreds of smells, tastes and experiences to ensure that celebrating an event in Ibiza becomes a multisensory journey through the senses to match all tastes and nationalities. Following the success of their restaurant Sa Brisa Gastro Bar, the couple comprising Pere Vendrell and Esther Bonet have set out a one-way journey destined to provide an answer for those people looking for haute cuisine catering that combines the best quality products on the market with the very latest in decor.


Starting out from premise of personalised celebrations in which absolutely everything perfectly combines with the tastes and needs of each person, Sa Brisa Gastro Bar takes care of everything that is necessary so that each event is unique and unforgettable; from the tables, chairs, tablecloths, crockery, glassware and silverware all the way to the menu put together by their five chefs, who have extensive professional careers behind them.

For its owners cooking is a form of art and that is why their new catering service represents one step further towards their own evolution, one that is destined to create sensations along the lines of a journey through the senses.

It has taken just one year in Ibiza for Sa Brisa Gastro Bar to become a reference point on the island and prepare its exports to different points across Europe. How far will they get with their catering? You alone will set the limits.

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