Tranquillity amidst turbulence. For a long time the night life in Ibiza port has meant being pro positioned into overcrowded bars for very mediocre drinks in very questionable environments. Ibo has decided to go against the grain. On the 8th of August Ibo quietly opened its doors without fan fare or pomp, without invitiations to the who’s who. And without any other mission than to be a happy home from home for those customers who put quality and comfort before cattle market style service and catasrophic cocktails. Ibo has a relaxed enviroment both clean and stylish.

The cocktail menu is a fresh take on summer drinks and all without exception are out of this world. Ibo also offers a good selection of wines by bottle and glass so people with a palette can also enjoy the people watching extravaganza that passes by its comfirtable terrace. Ibo is a place for the people that know about quality of product, service and enviroment. Ibo takes us back to that refreshing time where the customer truely did come first.

Ibo Ibiza

C/Emili Pou 6, Puerto de Ibiza

07800 Ibiza

+34 971 318443

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