Restaurante Cala Bonita, an idyllic place where you can enjoy the authentic flavours of the island, is located in Cala de s’Estanyol, one of the best-loved, special spots in Ibiza. Restaurante Cala Bonita’s straightforward, simple Mediterranean cuisine is based on local produce of the highest quality. Flavour takes main stage here and, above all, the culinary experience aims to please the diner rather than surprise them with complicated creations. It’s a fresh light cuisine with plenty of wild fish and seafood prepared on the grill or on the impressive olive wood barbecue. For meat eaters, it also offers such delicacies as Angus beef, one of the customers’ favourite classics.

At Restaurante Cala Bonita, everything is done with love and fine taste. It’s largely international clientele has become totally loyal thanks to the friendly, personalised way the house treats them, the venue’s simple, rustic beauty, the setting and the exceptional cooking that leaves its mark. We tried a delicious tuna tartar with grated lime, some tasty grilled langoustine from Formentera and two of the spectacular rice dishes they prepare that are, without a doubt, the stars on the menu (you can also request them on their own).

One of the partners explained the keys to their success to us: “We want to be different. We like things to be well done by taking care of the customers and offering them the best produce and that’s why we don’t cut corners”. He also told us about the effort they are making to keep the area in good condition by fixing the road, cleaning the beach and paying strict attention to legal and environmental questions. “What we want is to keep this like it has always been. My wife and I love the island dearly”.


This season they are counting on the chef and owner of Can Domo, Pau Barba. He’s the one behind this splendid cuisine that enhances the flavours and subtleties of truly exceptional raw ingredients, ones that, almost in their entirety, come from the island. The fact is, “If you have good raw ingredients you do not need to add very much, you can’t dress them up”.

The other great feature is the establishment of a new area, Tapas Bonita, where you can eat food of the same quality more informally: dishes such as grilled fresh cockles, prawns, razor clams and langoustine… Needless to add, the desserts are also homemade, thanks to a pastry chef who even makes the ice cream and lollies for the kids with local fruit.

Radek, a cocktail maker who has worked in renowned venues, explained to us that they will also have three different cocktail areas. The first – with a more sophisticated menu – is located in the restaurant. Then there’s one in the Tapas Bonita area at the entrance, where you will be able to savour aperitifs, digestive drinks and cocktails such as Spritz or vermouths that go really well with the food. Lastly, they are going to open an agave bar with a wide variety of tequilas, mescals and highly refreshing cocktails designed to be enjoyed at the seaside. Once again, all of them feature heavily produce and flavours from Ibiza: fresh herbs, citrus fruits, and syrups they themselves have made as well as high-quality alcohol produced in Ibiza such as gin or hierbas. However, if you wish to have a more classic drink, all you have to do is ask for it, “Anything a customer asks us for: I’ve got more than 200 classic cocktails in my head”.

From May onwards, they open every day from 9:30 AM until 7 PM. As from June, you will also be able to stay to enjoy a magnificent dinner, seated beside someone famous perhaps since this restaurant has become the favourite spot of celebrities and the island’s personalities. It’s not surprising given that enjoying this beautiful, magical and peaceful place’s delicious dishes is a veritable luxury. Haute cuisine in paradise.

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