Among the numerous beach clubs of Ibiza and, in particularly, Playa d’en Bossa many preach the format of a compact open air disco – or, at least, of a place where party people come to recharge the batteries in between two club nights. The most natural vocation of a beach club as a place where people relax and let the time fly by is often sacrificed for the sake of what Ibiza is most famous for: party non stop. Nassau made a name for itself as probably the most coveted beach venue on the island for those who appreciate a quality night out, and now the time has come to offer the guests a quieter and more family-oriented alternative.


This season Nassau took over the adjusting premises and named it after Tanit, the goddess of moon and fertility and the patroness of Ibiza. Now she will be taking care of parents who come to the new restaurant with children and of guests who would love to enjoy sophisticated tranquility delivered by the world renowned brand. To adjust the venue to its new purpose, ceilings were raised 2m higher and additional windows were made to let more sunshine in.

The doors open at 10am, inviting early birds for breakfast with fresh fruits and a wide selection of smoothies. The opening hours of the kitchen are from 12.30pm till 8pm, on Friday and Saturday this time is extended up to 2am. The menu was designed with the highly successful Nassau list of dishes in mind, but at Tanit they add a healthier tinge to all courses, leaning towards organic produce. Here you will find Mediterranean specialties with a smart Asian twist: think of gazpacho made of the tastiest Ibiza tomatoes; Thai salad with fillet mignon, shitake mushrooms, papaya, cashew nuts, lettuce leaves and soy noodles; or fish and shrimp green curry with jasmine rice. Every item from the menu can be delivered straight to your beach bed: from a bottle of champagne to ostrich fillet steak, low on fat and cholesterol. The wine list is extensive, and the choice of cocktails is just as impressive as the selection of fresh juices and smoothies.

Unlike its elder sibling Nassau, Tanit Beach won’t host that many parties. However, the special Hierbas night in collaboration with Mari Mayans on June 7 turned out to be a massive success, and the forthcoming Clockwork Orange event on July 27 is sure to become quite a milestone as well. When there is no fiesta planned, kids of all ages are welcomed: experienced nannies will entertain and feed them, speaking ten languages all in all. Thanks to heating system, the restaurant is planning to stay open in winter as well, adjusting its menu to seasonal products and demand. In a nutshell, the future of the new venue looks as bright as the moon shining over the beach club called after its namesake goddess.

Nassau Tanit Beach

Playa d’en Bossa

+34 971 396 714

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