After over 20 years of working with human potential as a professional football player, coach, kinesiologist and Quantum Energist, I have come to realise that one of the greatest challenges we all face is how to trust we have made the right decision and are on the right path. This leads to doubt, friction and unhappiness.

In this time of uncertainty and division, how do we make decisions? How do we know what is the truth and how can we be sure that the truth we choose is objective? (If it’s a truth we have to choose, does it become subjective by default?)

We have been taught to weigh the pros and cons, to balance out the cost and the reward and yet, we spend most of our time repeating past decisions, justifying our spontaneous ones and regretting the ones that we had sworn we would never repeat.

In these times of excess information, intentional disinformation and general saturation of opinions, it has become even more confusing to make decisions and many people have chosen to simply follow the popular narrative and have the decisions made for them. Remove responsibility from themselves and hand it over to the authorities – less stress, less pressure.

Then, there are the other ones, the ones that challenge everything the officials present, going to extreme Wonderland conjectures that defy any logic or even plausibility. Interesting, challenging, terrifying at times, yet, still not the objective truth.

In a more educated and informed world, we seem to make fewer and worse decisions with our logic.

It is often said that we make decisions from the gut or the heart and then seek to justify them with logic. Yet, none of these connect the dots in a conclusive way, none give the total confidence and inner peace that the TRUTH, should.

There are even books with grandiloquent titles like, “The truth will set you free” but, what is the truth?
Many people Think and give an opinion, and these opinions and thoughts have come from information and conclusions they have drawn from different sources. A thought is an idea of what could be, it is not definite.

Some people Believe what others have thought and shared with utter conviction and take it on board without question, analysis or challenge. The authorities say it is so, hence, it must be so. A thought repeated enough times becomes Believed as truth. However, what happens when another equally or more qualified authority says something different? It adds too many variables to “the truth”.

So naturally we choose to discredit some and accept the narrative that fits best to our life and causes the least change possible. We do this subconsciously to preserve our sanity, of course.

Then, we have “science”. What is Science? What is the scientific method? In short, it is an idea or theory that is tested and the result confirmed. This test should be repeatable by anyone using the exact same process, which means every step and variable must be meticulously recorded.

The main issue with this method is that not everything can be taken into account every time and we are limited to what our senses can take in as well as the efficiency of the tools of observation and measurement currently available.

Naturally, we are not all scientists, we have not been taught how to test or have the equipment necessary to do so.

For illness, we will then go to the doctors and specialists who have the knowledge and the machines to measure and scan things that we could never do with our senses. They then prescribe medicine or operations based on what they have “seen”.

But, what about what they cannot see with their machines? What did humans do before medicine and machines? We all have an amazing quality, inherited from our reptilian brain – our survival instincts, our gut feeling on what will keep us safe and what will bring our demise.

This inner “feeling” is what forms the basis of right and wrong in our decision making. When you give the animals food that is not good, they will take one sniff and walk the other way. We have survived for millennia with this survival mechanism and have the added benefit of memory, imagination, cognition, language and empathy thanks to our neocortex, gifted to us by our mammalian brain.

This is where we have an advantage as well as the problem. By thinking and believing, we can override and disconnect from this ancient instinctive feeling. We attach more importance to a theory or a belief rather than to our feeling.

This makes us do things that are totally logical as well as totally harmful for ourselves.
This is where cognitive dissonance comes in: we think one thing, feel another and do or say things that make no sense at all.

In order to use all of our faculties in a positive way, the answer is to connect these two conflicting parts of our being into a harmonious and aligned way: connect the subconscious feeling of our body to the conscious awareness of our mind. This is Superconscious where thoughts and feelings are both considered at the same time, neither is left out.

This is where our thoughts and feelings are aligned and there is no doubt, this is where we connect to our truth.
We can ask a question with our thinking mind and receive the reply from our feeling body.
For example, we can ask, “is this apple good for me?” and instead of going straight into the automatic program of ,”Of course it’s good for me! An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” We wait to “sense” the answer from our body.
Does our body seem to soften and open or harden and tighten?

This is where the magic happens and we can physically feel whether this particular apple is good for us now. It becomes totally subjective in the here and now.

This is the word of Quantum Decisions via accessing the Superconscious for our own personal Truth, for what is good for us right now. This tool makes decision-making a fun and easy process that can surprise us with unexpected answers that become clearer and faster with practice.

May you know your truth and decide with ease, IbizaStyle!