Ibiza is a place of conflicting interests, combining a love of the hedonism which the island is so rightly famous for, and a passion for the raw natural beauty of the island, her coastline and countrywide. So. it’s little wonder that since their arrival in 2014, husband and wife team Lois and Joel Belchem have enjoyed a resounding success with their superfood sanctuary, the Skinny Kitchen, with their fabulous hashtag eatclean rave dirty perfectly summing up the desires of Ibiza’s residents and visitors who like to indulge in all of the delights Ibiza has to offer, whilst maintaining a somewhat healthy, clean eating lifestyle.

We asked Lois what was her inspiration to open Skinny Kitchen, and she tells us, “I spent many summers in Ibiza and always felt like it was missing a major part of my lifestyle, eating healthy! People work hard at the gym and eat clean so that they look good on their holiday every year in Ibiza,  and then when they get there they struggle to eat a healthy diet, mainly because that kind of food wasn’t easily accessible. I couldn’t understand why nobody had thought of this already, I always craved a fresh juice or some protein pancakes! So one year I decided to do it myself. Back then it really was a game changer for Ibiza as there was nothing quite like it. Joel and I are both really passionate about healthy food and fitness, he used to be a PT and I love experimenting with fresh produce and cooking healthy foods. I believe we saw a gap in the market at the right time which enabled us to create a business using our skills and passions but also giving the people of Ibiza something it was missing. Now five years later, there are a lot more options for dining out without the guilt! We are proud to say we were one of the first!”

In recent years, Ibiza has seen an influx of organic, vegan, restaurants arrive onto the already thriving gastro scene of the island, and Skinny Kitchen has naturally grown and evolved with its now loyal customer base returning time after time to enjoy their innovative selection of divine dishes and drinks.

An all day dining destination, taking you seamlessly through from breakfast to lunch, then dinner, as the sun descends on yet another perfect Ibizan day. If you have perhaps overindulged the day or night before, what better place to kickstart your day, with a reviving selection of juices and smoothies such as the eternally popular Hangover Cure Juice, an invigorating blend of apple, carrot and ginger. Or for an injection of Ibiza spirit, try the Acai Energy Smoothie, with mixed berries, acai, banana and oranges to get your blood flowing again. Of course, you may prefer to refuel with a breakfast cocktail, and we can personally recommend the Bloody Mary a super spicy and tasty way to start the day in the very best way!

The food menu reflects their firm focus on healthy eating with all dishes being clean, natural and containing no nasty additives. And, as you many expect, they cater for many diets from vegan to gluten free. Importantly so that you know exactly what you are putting into your body they include macronutrients in every dish also.

Our personal favourite meals on offer include the sumptuous sweetcorn fritters, eggs benedict and avocado quesadillas, all beautifully presented with the bright, colourful ingredients making them look almost too good to eat! Another top tip, the halloumi fries with chipotle mayonnaise are simply to die for!

The decor reflects the carefree, natural ethos of Skinny Kitchen with a vibrant selection of n a very cool and relaxing tropical venue with green and pink velvet seats and retro lighting making it a perfect spot for breakout breakfasts, long, leisurely lunches or decadent dinners, and this is why it has firmly established itself as one of Ibiza’s much loved dedicated health food restaurants, attracting both island residents and visitors alike.

The Skinny Kitchen

Passeig de la Mar, 20

07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany

+34 971 251 202