It is almost impossible for there to be any lovers of haute cuisine, whether in Ibiza or beyond it, who has not heard talk of Sublimotion, the innovative restaurant opened four years ago in Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza and known by its soubriquet, “the most expensive restaurant in the world”.

The brainchild of the restless creative mind of the prestigious chefs Paco Roncero and Eduardo Gonzales, of Vega Factory and with 20 years of experience in creating first-class events and spectacles, this original fusion of the very latest technology and sublime cuisine offers you a unique dinner that goes beyond the limits of your imagination based on concepts such as exclusivity, luxury, emotion, taste and art.

Just 12 unique diners are brought together every night in an immense 350-m² space—equipped with the very latest technological innovations—designed to intensify the pleasure. A space that is an authentic blank canvas that is transformed over the course of an incredible sampling menu created by some of the world’s most prestigious chefs in order to offer you an interactive spectacle that lasts three hours and will become the culinary experience of your life. The diners are the genuine protagonists of an evening in which— thanks to Samsung Gear VR virtual reality glasses— they will be able to submerge themselves into dreamlike world’s, travel to the future all to the past and enjoy intensely with all their five senses. Moreover, after the dinner, the attendees can comment on and share this incomparable experience on a private 250-m² terrace where the after-dinner takes place.

Behind the Sublimotion experience, there lies not only two years of intense collaborative work with experts from fields as diverse as architecture, design and art but also a team of 25 professionals, among which are included such highly prestigious chefs as Diego Guerrero, Dani García, Toño Pérez and Paco Torreblanca, considered to be the best confectioner in Europe. Eight Michelin Stars and two Repsol Suns in an exceptional team that also includes other brilliant creative minds such as the composer and orchestra director, Alfonso G. Aguilar, the illustrator and sculptor, Bakea, the fashion designer, Roberto Diz, the illusionist, Jorge Blass and the DJ, Wally Lopez.

Sublimotion is the world’s premier gastronomic spectacle. An unrivalled restaurant without precedent anywhere in the world. A different way of understanding and offering the most exquisite gastronomy that is elevated to the category of art in capital letters. Pure alchemy. Pure magic for all your senses.


Ctra. Playa D’en Bossa, s/n

07817 Sant Josep de sa Talaia