But it were the words that came from my mouth when I was told the recipe I had to make a wine pairing to for this issue was Café Caleta. In the previous editions of Ibiza Style it wasn’t difficult to find a wine suiting to the recipes of Sid Shanti and write a nice piece about it. But because Sid has chosen the recipe of the fishermans coffee (the ibicenco vesion of the Irish coffee) I find myself in an impossible situation: Café Caleta is delicious but without wine!

Unfortunately I must consider a detour and point you out a recipe for a typical Ibicenco dessert: the Greixonera! A kind of flan that comes amazingly paired with a delicious glass of sweet wine (look up the recipe online for the Greixonera).

I have chosen a wine from over the border but we do stay on the Iberian Peninsula. We go to Portugal and I’m going to talk to you about the Adega Aneto from the Douro region. Adega Aneto started producing wine in 2001 by the inspiring hand of Francisco de Montenegro. The white wines of this winery are of absolute top quality. The aromas of aniseed are rather predominant in this wine, hence why the flower of this plant is depicted on the label.

Aneto Late Harvest
Adega Aneto
Douro – Baixo Corgo – Barrô
100% Semillon
€ 21,-

I’m can go on and on about this wine, it’s that exciting, but I wanted to dedicate this piece to their dessert wine, the. I don’t usually like sweet, I hardly ever eat dessert and if I do, it’s because of the wine pairing. You can always get me excited for a good Sauterne; I will of course not say no to a little glass of Chateau Yquem, generally too expensive for any of us commoners. This wine from Portugal isn’t! An amazing top quality alternative for the Yquem lovers who don’t want to spend Yquem money. The Late Harvest 2010 Semillon is of a deep golden colour, it’s beautiful to look at (but not for too long of course). Aromas of honey and wild flowers hit our senses and with the first sip, your mouth is filled with dried fruits, apricots and a little nutty aftertaste. What a pleasure, delicious!

Now that we’ve had the pleasure to enjoy dessert and this fantastic wine it’s time to get to the Café Caleta of Sid. If you still have to drive, don’t! Call a taxi.



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