With one foot in the modern world and the other set in tradition, FincaXú— an exquisite new liquor made up of the purest essences of Ibiza—has emerged. It is a surprising new take on Ibizan hierbas of exceptional strength, complexity and subtlety that is made from sherry flavoured with chamomile, vervain, juniper, mint and citric fruits. “This exquisite distilled drink acquires its personality after spending a minimum of 30 days in a barrel and also contains touches of ginger, ginseng, vanilla, honey and cane syrup, making it a 40º proof drink with a unique, versatile alcohol content, perfect to be enjoyed on its own or as the main ingredient in the most sophisticated cocktails”, Matthew Gilpin, the distiller, explains to us.

Its presentation in society was organised by the events company, Ibiza Foodsense, who offered a pool party, Ibiza-style, where guests were able to enjoy this drink presented in delicious ways such as Xugroni, San Francisco Margarita, Ibiza Mule or, in all its purity, with FincaXú On The Rocks. At the presentation party all kinds of foods could be sampled including a spectacular paella. There was music from DJs such as Felix Da Funk and Javi Viana, vocal performances and farmers’ dances.

Behind FincaXú there lies a story stretching back more than 300 years, the history of the finca, Can Xuxú. It is the home of Alexandre Narakas, who has turned this idyllic place so typical of Ibiza at its most rural into an artisanal distillery and bodega. By using produce from his own finca he has managed to create a liquor with a soft golden colour, with a hint of both sweet and bitter and its label, designed with Phoenician influences and featuring a podenco as its emblem, perfectly reflects this island of contrasts, a haven of peace and home to the wildest parties. It is a drink that is different from any other that you can find in Ibiza foodsense. A tiny portion of the magical, luminous spirit of Ibiza, bottled to enamour the most discerning palates.


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