Of course it’s lots of fun when you’re asked by Ibiza Style to write a piece about wine. It’s even more fun when you can write a piece about wine paired with a recipe, especially when it’s cooked up by Sid Shanti. In the upcoming months, to each of his creations, I will select a suiting wine. His first dish being a summer salad of white fish and lentils, baked beetroot, carrots, fennel and spices from Northern Africa. This dish of course is screaming out for white wine!

Of course I could’ve chosen for one of the obvious wine pairings from Spain, such as a Verdejo or Albariño. But that would be just too easy.  I’ve chosen to go for the little bit lesser-known grape variety, Godello. A grape that appears a lot in Galicia and flourishes on the steep banks of the river Sil and it’s surroundings.  Years ago the renowned wine critics already predicted a golden future for this grape variety. And even though we are seeing it appear more often on the wine menu’s in the restaurants, unfortunately it still hasn’t reached the masses.

Bodegas D’berna – Godello 2014

The new vintage 2015 soon available at Vino&Co Ibiza.

So it’s time to put this variety in the spotlight, next to Sid Shanti’s wonderful salad. The Godello I have chosen for today is the one from Bodegas D’berna from the Valdeorras region (Corgomo, the Meca of the Godello grape). D’berna is a family owned winery which has been run for already four generations by the family of Guitán. In these days, the ever so lovely Bernard and his wife Elena run the company. This winery applies the newest techniques in winemaking to the knowledge they have acquired over the last century.

The wine we’re tasting now is a young Godello. We’re drinking the 2014 which right now is at it’s peak. It goes straight from the stainless steel tanks into the bottle. This allows the wine to maintain it’s crispiness and minerality.

With a hue of straw yellow, as soon as I put my big nose in the glass the ripe apples, tropical fruits and spring flowers hit my senses. I immediately start salivating, I feel thirsty. A big gulp follows, some oxygen in between, slurping sounds.. and I taste the fruits. Lovely and round, stone fruits like peach… It’s delicious.

This is a wine that on a hot summer day pairs beautifully with the earthy flavors of the vegetables in the salad and allows the main character of this beautiful dish, the white fish, to slide in easily.

Because, don’t forget, fish needs to swim.

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