Our first event in the series, “The Chefs Experience” was held in the middle of May on the Rooftop of ME Ibiza Hotel.  A Chef’s Table was set up directly beside the kitchen counter for this evening. Here, in front of the guests, the dishes of the six course menu were personally prepared by head chef Juan Hely and explained by Maitre d’ Acorán Perez. Along with his team, Head Barkeeper Álvaro Martín created the cocktails to go with it. A sensation! They were the perfect match, complementing one another superbly. In the guests’ unanimous opinion, it was a symphony of flavours such as they had never experienced before. They almost could not bring themselves to destroy the exquisite culinary creations.

Perhaps you can imagine the creative collaboration between Juan Hely and Álvaro Martín from the menu sequence depicted.

In order to make it an experience for all the senses, the dinner was accompanied by music. DJane Leah Schultz and the singer Mimi Barber offered mellow bar music.

Menü Chef’s Table


Bretannia Big Oyster Covered with a Sea Breeze and Caviar Dust, served on a base of Smoky Cauliflower Cream, garnished with caramelized Apple.

Welcome to Experience
Gin Mare , lemon juice, apple and lime syrup, Veuve Clicquot, and caviar poulder .


Grill Octopus with D.O. Olive Oil Dust, Sunfire Gel and Seaweed Smoke

Garlic Basil Smash
Tanqueray Ten, basil leaves, glazed garlic syrup and lime juice.


Death Trumpets Creamy Rice, Melanosporum Truffle, Deer Carpaccio and D.O. Parmigiano

Terra Sour
Vodka Infused in death trumpets, parmesan syrup, lemon juice, egg white, and Ibiza salt.

Main meal

Angus Tataki, Slow Cooked Boletus Edulis Mushroom, Violet Potato and Herbal Butter.

Dios del Humo
Mezcal, agave syrup, spicy orange and mango puree, lemon juice, and soda.

Pre Dessert

Passion Campari
Deconstructed  of Campari and passion fruit.


Lemon Tartalet, with Cinnamon Earth and Burnt Merengue and Yogourt and Herbs Soup

Cold Chocolate
Hazelnut liqueur, vodka, and orange with brown sugar.

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