The Chefs Experience is going to take place every Thursday until mid of September on the ME Ibiza Rooftop terrace. The guests of this culinary event have the unique opportunity to savour an exclusive menu from another of the kitchen’s chefs. In each case, a different guest chef is invited to cook together with ME Ibiza chef Juan Hely and his team.

Every time, it will be a one-of-a-kind experience, mouthful by mouthful. That’s because not only will there be chefs from some of Ibiza’s top restaurants cooking, but some star chefs from outside are also going to turn up. And the best thing of all: in addition to the 40 seats in the restaurant, for this evening, we have exclusively set up the chef‘s table right next to the kitchen counter for anywhere from eight up to a maximum of 8 people. Here you will be served directly by the chef, who will explain each course to you personally. In addition, the appropriate wines and cocktails will be served.

Booking: +34 971 330 051

Toni Canales

10. August 2017

Toni Canales,  was 2013 a contestant of the prestigious “Top Chef” tv-program, actually Executive Chef of the restaurant El Gallinero in Madrid. The cuisine is his passion, it reflects his experiences and reflects his roots, showing the tradition in the elaboration of dishes, highlighting the flavors and arousing sensations. In 2013, he was a contestant of the prestigious “Top Chef” TV-program.

Fresh gazpacho with red prawn, cucumber, green apple and fennel

Seasonal vegetables  with  garlic green heaths sauce

Crayfish with green garlic

Baked mere fish with ragout of its own juice

Iberico pork cut with smoked and spiced aubergines

Roasted apple with licorice and milk ice cream

Cristian Gonzalez

17. August 2017

Cristian Gonzalez and Juan Hely whip up a four hands menu. The Sous Chef of Es Cucons restaurant and the executive chef of ME Ibiza hotel are cooking a dinner of friendship

Main courses

Smoked sardine with olives soil, gazpacho powder and beetroot gel.
Thai green papaya salad with tataki of wild boar and pistachio.
Deer rice with black trumpets and their carpaccio.
Sous-vide cooked octopus confit with ibizencan glass potato chips and jalapeno aioli


Cream of avocado with chocolate sponge cake, salt scales and green mango gel.


Casein pillow with ibicencan flaó foam, cake of Majorcan gató and strawberries with pepper.

Lázaro Rodríguez

24. August 2017

Lázaro Manuel Rodríguez from Tenerife about cooking style: It is a kitchen of seasonal products to which we give different texture and nuances regarding the product 100%

Gnocchi from tender black potatoes and ricotta with Shiitake mushroom sauce.

Salad of crispy sardines with fresh sweet and sour touch.

Thai marinated salmon with red-coconut curry sauce and caramelized peanuts.

Low – temperature stewed lamb shoulder with roasted peach puree and potato.

Yogurt soup, blue cheese, strawberry and raspberry.

My version of Piña Colada.

Eric Abrams

31. August 2017

Erick Abrams discovered his passion for food during his youth while watching his mother prepare exquisite Lebanese confections and running her own pâtisserie. Years later he further pursued his calling by attending the prestigious Ecole de Gastronomie Française Ritz-Escoffier in Paris, France graduating from Le Course Cesar Ritz and working as a stagiaire at the famous pastry kitchen of the Hôtel Ritz under the direction of Chef Eddie Benghanem.

Afterwards he worked under the direct guidance of Chef Alain Ducasse’s top staff after a training at the laboratory and “think tank” of Alain Ducasse Formation ADF. Under the direct guidance of Chef Alain Ducasse’s top staff he had a training in the company of a hand-selected group of head chefs from various three Michelin stared restaurants around the world.

Mediterranean lobster carpaccio with a thin gelatin of rockfish, grapefruit caviar

Vichyssoise with concentrated lobster juice

On olive grilled razor clam

Sous vide cooked fish loin with zucchini flake, Zucchini flower stuffed with ceps, grilled pimpkin and zucchini, pumpkin puree.

Ibizencan lamb loin, Dauphin potato crust, lambreduction, heart of lettuce grilled and raw, mini carrots

Opera Garnier 2017, a modern interpretation of the famous Opéra created in 1957

Rafa Zafra

07. September 2017

Rafa Zafra was born in Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville). in 2005, guided by Ferran Adria, he came to Hacienda Benzazuza-the elBulli Hotel. Since 2007, he has remained as head chef, managing to position the hotel as one of the best hotels in the world while maintaining his restaurant, la Alquería, with two Michelin stars up until 2011. Currently executive chef at Heart Ibiza, he runs ESTIMAR restaurant in Barcelona along with Anna Gotanegra.

His cuisine reflects everything that he has witnessed up until now. Always based on the produce regardless, very pure and possessing a great sensibility.  Normal, run-of-the-mill cuisine, it has been updated with all of today’s knowledge. In addition, at times, it is eclectic cuisine that is on the move, without borders or rules when it comes to using different ingredients.

– Rose with Vodka and Lime –
– Cherry tree –
– Watermelon-Yuzu –
– Sphere of parmesan and basil –
– Cesar Pizzas–
– The spherical olive–

– Little avocado gazpacho –
– Avocado flower and sour cream –
– Potato-cube and tuna flakes–
– Brioche with truffled cheese –
– Mackerel marinated with Jerez vinegar –
– Cauliflower-Caviar –
– Oyster-Caviar –
– Gamba-Caviar –

– Galician blonde and black tea butter –
– Carpaccio of Norway lobster homage to elBulli 1995 –
– Giant king crab ravioli –
– Slightly spicy lobster ragout with vegetables –
– Lamb shoulder andalusian style and cauliflower couscous –

– Cheese Cake –
– The HEART Cake –
– Casino card –
– The dollar –
– The crazy coco –

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