Anna Tur

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A passion for radio and music is part of Anna Tur´s genetic make-up. Born into a family with close links to radio, her mother literally gave birth in front of a microphone. "I´ve always been connected to that world", she admits. Her father founded the radio station that she herself currently runs: Ibiza Global Radio. [...]

Simon Dunmore

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It’s hard to believe that Defected In The House is 17 years old, chiefly because Simon Dunmore’s legendary record label is still driving young, contemporary dancefloors across the planet. As a counterbalance, Simon’s Glitterbox insignia caters for the more occasional clubber. It’s a party designed for dance music fans who find techno a little too [...]

Close Up – Paco Roncero

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Born in Madrid in 1969, Paco Roncero is an avant-garde chef whose technical mastery and love of olive oil has won him two Michelin Stars and three Repsol Suns as well as the 2006 national gastronomy award. In Ibiza, his tapas selection at Hotel Hard Rock’s Estado Puro competes with Sublimotion, the world’s most expensive [...]

… and thanks for the fish!

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That's the funny thing about quiet days. You can set out to have one, but that’s not enough. They can work out, but not necessarily. Especially not if you’re staying in Ibiza. Hans Peter Geerdes, better known as the leader of Scooter, H.P. Baxxter, can sing a song about it. “I was on the island [...]

Communicating Authentically

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Ibiza Style had the privilege of speaking to Richard Herd, who  has an extensive background with over 16 years experience in television production, and is now the head of Foodtube, Jamie Oliver´s incredibly successful online digital platform, and works together with the celebrated celebrity chef on all things digital. Communicating in an authentic way with [...]

Charles Michel on Crossmodalism

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Charles Michel is an innovative and inspirational Franco-Colombian professional chef who studied at the ‘Institut Paul Bocuse’ cookery school in Lyon, France in 2006 after which he worked in  several Michelin star restaurants, which, he tells us, was almost like a military training very technically demanding, learning  skill & precision. After 3 years he returned [...]

Jean Claude Ades

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Equally at home performing in front of underground crowds as he is DJing at spectacular glitterati events, Be Crazy frontman Jean Claude Ades spent the winter dropping deep techy grooves at Wall in Miami, in addition to appearances at Paris and Milan Fashion Week or Cannes film festival where he entertained a jet-set crowd who [...]


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Now he’s backing Oilmotion, an enterprise that has turned him into the great international ambassador of this product. Oil may be about to have its day… How many stars should a chef who got rid of spare tyres be awarded? None I think, now that having a dadbod is in fashion. But it’s true that [...]

Me, myself and Ibiza.

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Ibiza is mine. I was born here and I have made my profession and my career out of my passion for the island: it’s my life. The great thing about this island is that, irrespective of wherever you come from, it’s also the island of many, many other people. Ibiza is for those who love [...]


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The 28-year-old Boris Smit, better known to the dance music world as Beauriche, grew up in the Netherlands, in a small town called Breda in the south of the country. “When I was younger, Robbert Hardwell was and still is one of my best friends,” explains Smit. “We both DJd and shared the same passion [...]