Take Five July 2017

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Kendrick Lamar – Damn. (Interscope) In the course of his far from long career so far, Kendrick Lamar has become nothing less than a legend of contemporary rap: in 2010, he made his first appearance with the mix tape, Overly Dedicated, while his début album, Section.80, -released just one [...]

Take Five June 2017

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Gorillaz – "Humanz" (Parlophone/Warner) There's scarcely a Britpop survivor as restless as Damon Albarn. While former opponents such as Oasis' Liam Gallagher have relocated to swearing and leisure, Blur's front man changes projects like others change their guitar picks. In addition to solo albums, detours into ethno and the supergroup [...]


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It’s been a busy winter for Doorly. When we caught up with the Huddersfield-born spinner in early April, he was in the middle of an extensive cross-continent world tour. “I’m only back in Ibiza for a few days,” Doorly smiles. “I’m here to do my washing and celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday. Then we go to [...]

Richy Ahmed

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Cold, crisp London was the setting for our springtime get-together with English house and techno DJ Richy Ahmed. A significant name on the Ibiza circuit, the Hot Creations star will be performing at underground institutions like Music On, Paradise, elrow and Circo Loco later this summer. But our conversation centred on Privilege, where Richy is [...]

Lauren Lane

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The recent US election cycle has definitely made a lot of people feel uneasy. Suddenly the future looks more uncertain that it has done in a very long time. Yet for many, including tech-house star Lauren Lane, the uncertainty of the period has actually fostered a sense of empowerment. “People everywhere are worried about their [...]

Take Five May 2017

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Jamiroquai – "Automaton" (Virgin) Someone like him should need no introduction. But Jay Kay had disappeared into oblivion for easily seven years, so at least a short reminder is due: From 1992 onwards, he worked very successfully with his band, Jamiroquai, on a post-modern funk and soul update.  The [...]

Mambo Brothers

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Ten minutes before our interview with Mambo Brothers Christian and Alan Anadon is due to start, they receive an email from their airline confirming that their Miami Music Week baggage, which didn’t make it back to Ibiza, has officially been lost. It’s rotten news, but right now it’s impossible to dampen the mood around Hostal [...]

Tom Crane

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In 2010, Tom travelled to Ibiza with 25 of his closest friends for what was supposed to be a week-long holiday. “My manager booked me to play at Blue Marlin,” Tom recalls. “I was really excited, but the owner of Blue Marlin – who is a good friend of mine now – said he knew [...]


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We caught up with Cam Edwards and Joe Lenzie, better known as Sigma, in late July, hours before they were due to perform at Amnesia. A lot of doors have opened up for the drum ‘n’ bass duo in the last few years after their singles ‘Nobody To Love’ and ‘Changing’ topped the Official UK [...]

Patrick Topping

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Twenty-seven-year-old Patrick Topping first started partying in Ibiza in 2008. There were times when he felt temped to move to the island permanently, but in the end he chose to remain in Newcastle, England to sharpen the quality of his productions. “I’ve never been an Ibiza worker,” Patrick explains as we convene on the Sun [...]